Alcohol + Drug Rehab Programs in Tennessee

At Chattanooga Detox Center, our alcohol and drug rehab programs in Tennessee provide a comfortable environment through three levels of care when you need it the most. Our main priority is to help clients achieve not just wellness, but wholeness. We do this through numerous evidence-based modalities within a structured environment and round-the-clock care.
Through our three multi-dimensional programs, we help our clients find the tools and coping skills they need to succeed. Our diverse curriculum utilizes cutting-edge treatments, pharmacology, and research that is far-reaching and life-changing. Learn more about our programs below.

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Drug Rehab Programs in Tennessee

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    Benefits of Our Alcohol and Drug Rehab Programs in Tennessee

    Our rehab programs include several types of therapies and treatments designed to assist those struggling with substance abuse disorder (SUD). Through a full continuum of care, clients who are open and willing to the treatment process can benefit a great deal. Our rehab programs in Tennessee also provide the following advantages:


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    Addiction makes it hard to see a life outside of substance abuse. You may not feel your substance abuse is out of control as others think it is. You may be ready to find help but are fearful of walking into the unknown. How much is your substance abuse impacting your life and the lives of those around you?

    The hardest part is reaching out for help, but it’s often the most rewarding. Give us a call now at 423-455-9887 or learn more about how we can help you below.