HOLISTIC Recovery Center + Therapy

Our holistic recovery center in Chattanooga heals the whole person affected by addiction. Addiction impacts a person’s life in many different ways while decreasing their overall health and well-being. Thus, treatment for drug and alcohol addiction includes addressing many areas of a person’s health and wellness. That way, a person can heal all aspects of their lives affected by substance abuse. 

What is a Holistic Recovery Center?

A holistic recovery center uses several methods to treat addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders beyond traditional means. Holistic approaches often complement other types of treatment. Holistic healing emphasizes the “whole person” in recovery. This means that addiction recovery is not just about dealing with drug and alcohol dependency. Instead, a person can heal by addressing other areas of life impacted by addiction.

How Does a Holistic Recovery Center Work?

Holistic approaches work by teaching clients healthy ways of managing stress, finding meaning in life, and feeling fulfilled. Many recovery centers use a variety of techniques that allow their clients to make choices in their recovery. Clients are encouraged to try new things in order to increase their health and well-being. This allows gives clients several ways of coping with triggers, cravings, and underlying mental health disorders.

Types of Holistic Therapies We Offer

At Chattanooga Detox Center, we offer many types of holistic therapies to our clients. These therapies provide more choices and ways to recover. That way, our clients can build individualized treatment plans based on their own needs and preferences. Holistic therapies often involve some type of physical activity or sensory experiences.
Holistic approaches at our recovery center include the following:



Yoga is an ancient practice that is meant to increase focus, quiet the mind, and improve physical wellness. Participants in a yoga class position their bodies in various stretches and poses, which improve circulation and flexibility. Yoga can also reduce stress, improve concentration, and build confidence.



Meditation involves learning to allow thoughts and feelings to come and go without stressing over their meaning. During meditation, participants focus on their breathing to achieve mental clarity. Since distressing thoughts and cravings can loom large within the minds of those in recovery, meditation helps clients shift their focus to things they can control, like their breathing. Meditation also gives clients a coping technique they can use anyway when they struggle with cravings.



Reiki is a form of healing that involves physical touch from a trained practitioner. The idea behind reiki is that the practitioner transfers energy throughout a client’s body during the sessions. Reiki can help reduce stress and anxiety, which are often intense during detox and recovery.

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It is no secret that healthy nutrition has several benefits to enhance a person’s well-being. Those in recovery can learn healthy ways of eating and cooking, which can help them deal with cravings and low energy levels during detox. In addition, drug and alcohol abuse often leaves clients malnourished, depending on the effects of the substances they used.



Many people already know that music can be an effective way of changing a person’s mood. As a holistic approach, music therapy involves listening to or creating music as part of a person’s treatment planning. Sometimes, clients in the early stages of recovery struggle to express themselves verbally in therapy. Music therapy can help clients show a therapist how they feel by discussing a song they identify with. They can also write song lyrics or learn to play an instrument to express themselves.



Regular exercise should be part of anyone’s routine for their overall health and well-being. When it comes to exercise, there is no shortage of activities to match a person’s interests and abilities. Even just taking a walk around the block once a day proves beneficial to those in recovery. Exercise can benefit a person’s mood by releasing endorphins, increasing blood flow, and enhancing self-esteem. In addition, exercise can be a social outlet, as many people choose to take classes, work out with a friend, or participate in team sports.

How a Holistic Recovery Center Differs from Standard Treatment Programs

Our holistic recovery center in Chattanooga differs from traditional programs by combining multiple pathways to recovery. As a result, our clients get more options and well-rounded treatment. We realize that addiction affects a person’s social, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. By working on multiple areas of health and wellness, we improve our client’s outcomes in recovery. Clients also learn activities that can help them sustain long-term recovery beyond professional addiction and mental health treatment.

What to Expect at Chattanooga Detox Center

At Chattanooga Detox Center, our clients can expect compassionate and professional care for their addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. By teaching clients holistic approaches, we can empower our clients to find their own pathway to recovery. Our inpatient detox program and residential treatment use multiple techniques that complement one another for comprehensive treatment. In addition, we help our clients plan their aftercare and connect them with appropriate treatment professionals to meet their needs when they leave our program.

Find Healing at our Holistic Recovery Center Today

By healing the many aspects of life affected by addiction, clients can find multiple pathways to health and wellness. The best approach to recovery involves addressing not only the symptoms of addiction but teaching healthy ways of living as well. Our holistic recovery center provides our clients with the physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness they need for lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. Contact Chattanooga Detox Center today to learn more about holistic approaches to addiction treatment.

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