Chattanooga Detox Center's Editorial Policy

At Chattanooga Detox Center, our aim is to connect clients to life-saving resources and treatment for those struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). With life-saving treatment, comes educating the public about the nature of these behavioral health conditions to end the shame and stigma associated with them.


Throughout our site, we aim to provide medical, and evidence-based content with medically-reviewed facts about the latest modalities and treatment methods. With this, we’re able to indirectly help others choose the best path that fits them and their loved one’s needs with factual content from our addiction experts.

Our Writers + Reviewers

Our writers and reviewers are Chattanooga Detox Center staff and addiction treatment experts who have conducted research and studies related to substance use disorders. Each piece of content on our website is vetted for accuracy and credible sources for statistics.

Our Content Policy + Guidelines



Each piece of content on our site is vetted for the quality, accuracy, and inclusivity of the verbiage used. Addiction is extremely complex and does not discriminate. We educate the public on these matters in a respectful and non-judgmental manner. In addition, each page of content on our site remains aligned with the quality of care we provide at our facility.


We do not accept guest post submissions from marketers, bloggers, or other outside writers.