Frequently Asked Questions

Entering treatment for drug and alcohol addiction can be intimidating to some people. Those new to the treatment process usually have many questions before they begin. The time between deciding to get help and reaching out to a facility is fragile. Many people aren’t sure what to expect and can even feel nervous about recovery. If they feel confused or apprehensive due to a lack of knowledge about treatment, they might give up on the idea of recovery entirely. At Chattanooga Detox Center, we want to be as transparent and open about our treatment programs as possible. That way, people new to recovery know what to expect and aren’t turned off from seeking treatment. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about our treatment programs:

There are many ways that we can help clients ease withdrawal symptoms. First, we offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) for those who struggle with severe withdrawal symptoms or who are at a high risk of relapse. MAT combines FDA-approved medications with behavioral therapy to ease withdrawal symptoms and reduce the risk of relapse.


Second, we provide a comfortable and supportive environment for detox. By detoxing in a safe and welcoming place, our clients feel less anxiety throughout withdrawal. Being comfortable and supported has a huge impact on a person’s mental state during detox. We have staff available throughout the day as well as overnight.


Third, we have medical staff on hand for our clients 24/7. That way, clients dealing with distressing or life-threatening symptoms get the care they need right away. Our medical staff can also recommend psychiatric medications or sedatives that can help with symptoms like insomnia or depression during detox.


Finally, we offer holistic recovery, which many people find eases their withdrawal symptoms. Our holistic treatments include things like yoga and meditation to reduce stress and redirect cravings for drugs and alcohol. We also offer nutritional support to restore our clients to optimal health throughout detox.

Since our treatment programs are inpatient, clients will need to bring items along with them to stay overnight. Clients should bring the following items:

Clothing and footwear, including sleepwear and workout clothing for our exercise and yoga classes
Prescription and OTC medications that a client is currently taking
Identification and insurance cards
Personal items, like a journal, books, extra blankets, etc.

At our facility, we will provide basic necessities, like linens and meals. Clients should bring enough clothing for about a week, as we do have laundry machines on-site. Also, we will need to check our clients for anything containing alcohol or drugs upon entry.

We like to provide choices for living arrangements that can reduce the costs for some of our clients. Therefore, we offer both private and shared rooms to accommodate the needs of our clients. Shared rooms are a less expensive option, and we have guidelines to ensure that roommates are comfortable. However, for those who want more privacy, we do have some private rooms for an additional fee.

Detox generally lasts about seven to ten days. However, some people need up to two full weeks before their withdrawal symptoms become manageable. Our program helps clients through the most difficult phase of detox, which involves physical and mental symptoms. While withdrawal symptoms could linger after detox, most clients will be ready to engage in continuing treatment once the most severe symptoms go away.

Our residential and inpatient treatment program usually lasts 30 to 90 days. However, like detox, some people need more time before leaving our program. We will navigate our clients through this process and help them make the best decisions for their needs. Sometimes, clients aren’t ready to leave and need a few more days of treatment. Other clients feel comfortable leaving after only 30 days. Each person is unique and is coming from a different place in their recovery. We offer flexibility to match our client’s needs.

The cost of treatment can vary depending on the level of care a person receives. For instance, inpatient programs generally cost more than outpatient services. However, each program is different, as some offer an array of amenities and auxiliary treatments while others offer the essentials. In addition, substance abuse treatment is considered an essential health benefit by most insurance carriers. For pricing and insurance coverage, we ask our clients to contact us for an insurance verification.

Recovery is not easy, but the results make it worthwhile. We know that finding a treatment center can be daunting. Some people give up on the process and either delay or never seek treatment. At our recovery center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, we want you to know what you are getting into when you come to us for drug and alcohol treatment. By knowing what to expect, you or your loved one can feel more confident about the road of recovery ahead. Contact us today to discuss our treatment programs.